100,000 AdSense payments per month

I just received our monthly AdSense newsletter. AdSense payment numbers graphicOne of the features was a “big” number 100,000 in the right side column.

Did you know:
An average of 100,000 payments per month were made to publishers over the last ten years.

That is a considerably large number considering that checks only go out to publishers who have accumulated $100 or more of earnings in the preceding month. I started over 10 years ago when Google first introduced the program and have been pro-AdSense ever since. I recall spending part of a Thanksgiving vacation (I was a school teacher back then, working affiliate marketing as a part-time endeavor) rebuilding two sites to accommodate Adsense ad blocks. I received my first payout in January and have not missed a payment since then.

At first (way back then) I was apprehensive that adding 3rd party ads to our hotel reservations websites would dilute our affiliate sales.  So I stuck my toe in the water and started slowly with A/B testing – and had surprising results. Sites where we introduced AdSense actually showed an increase in affiliate sales – along with revenue generated from AdSense ads. It turned out to be a win-win situation. Likely because “back then” having Google on our site(s) increased the credibility of those sites. If people “trust” more they feel more comfortable purchasing.

If you are interested in monetizing a site that has unique content you might consider the AdSense program to augment your revenue. It has worked for me, providing a good and ever-changing mix of in-context ads that (evidently) serve to keep our readers engaged.