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What is it that we do at High Noon Performance Marketing?

Simply put, we sell stuff online. In the beginning (sometime in the last millenium), founder Bill Swartwout, began two local community websites to share what he liked about the community in which he lived and the one in which he vacationed (with a second home in a condo “downy ocean”).

Ocean City Beach Sunrise
Ocean City Beach Sunrise

That early endeavor began to grow, and even earn a few dollars, when he included some information about local businesses and actually charged a fee to build small sites for those businesses. The main objective was to earn enough to buy a new computer and digital camera (and maybe a couple of toys). People found useful information on Bill’s sites and began sharing them with other people. Other website owners actually provided links to Bill’s sites so new readers could see what Baltimore and Ocean City looked like online. And…it grew (considerably) from there.

In building and operating a viable web-oriented business, a variety of skills must be learned and put to use. Among them are advertising, selecting products, promoting those products, making referrals to the merchants who actually sell those products and/or fulfill the needs of customers. That skill-set eventually evolved into what “the industry” refers to as Affiliate Marketing or, more recently, Performance Marketing. In our case we may employ Performance Marketing in the avenues of being an affiliate, a merchant, an affiliate manager, an OPM, an advertiser, a publisher, a writer, a photographer, and a consultant.

Federal Trade Commission Disclaimer: In some cases we may write positively about or recommend a place or product. Please be advised that we may earn a commission should you decide to purchase something that we may link to (via an affiliate link) on another (merchant) site. We always endeavor to remain unbiased in the discussion of any product that may be for sale and/or linked to on a merchant site.

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  1. Thanks, Adam. 5pm.com, eh? If you score that domain for me I can certainly make use of it. I have owned 12PM.com for several years and it seems to fit this mission quite well. You’ve got to figure, if it’s “noon” (or midnight) here – it’s 5 O’clock Somewhere.

    1. Yes, unfortunately, that site and another were compromised. In 15 years of being online I have seen all sorts of exploits (mostly on older WordPress installs) but never on a plain and small .hmtl site. These site on on a hosting company we have been “testing for the last year and we believe their security has some “holes” – because this should not have happened. I learned this from WebHostingBuzz last night via email. I immediately responded and am STILL WAITING for a response to that email.

      Meanwhile, a few hours ago, I was able to get in and pro-actively delete the two compromised accounts from the server.

      Our “main” server company, Servint, also (yesterday) detected a hack attempt – they stopped it and notified me. They also pro-actively upgraded a server script to (hopefully) deny these *ssh*les from future attempts. Of course, that only works until the hackers develop a script to get around that defense. 🙁

  2. Hi Bill,

    I am impressed by your experience as an affiliate marketer, your knowledge and the quality of your site. I have built 50 websites that I currently run across 17 niche markets monetised with affiliate links. I am very new to affiliate marketing and lack experience and a deep understanding of the industry. I came across your website from the affiliate summit east newsletter. I would really appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about affiliate marketing. I am from Australia and I am highly driven to succeed, but I have only been an affiliate marketer for 4 months and I am lacking experience and deep understanding of the industry. Thank you for the opportunity to comment on your website. Kind regards, Glenn

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