Affiliate Marketing Baltimore Meetup June 24, 2014

I have now managed to be in Baltimore for three months in a row on the last Tuesday of the month so I was able to attend the gathering of Affiliate Marketers at Wiley Gunter’s in South Baltimore. We had a “first-timer” in attendance, invited by one of her colleagues. Of course, she fit right in with the group because there are no “outsiders” and no “cliques” among Baltimore Affiliate Marketers – ever. Feel free to meet up with the group at any meeting – just drop on by and the group will try to make you feel right at home. Wiley Gunter's in South Baltimore

Dress is always casual and it’s a good thing. It is now summertime and the Baltimore weather reflects that with heat an humidity. A couple of us arrived in polos, shorts and flipflops (just like at the beach, which is where I call home). With that in mind, we discussed the possibility of holding one of these meet-ups at the beach – once summer crowds have abated.

Gathering to meet, network, share and learn, we continued some of the discussion from the last meetup – about the Canadian Can Spam regulations. Information and ideas were shared by people with extensive experience in email marketing. Not everyone is involved in email marketing – so other topics of interest were introduced. One of which was the “fluidity” of the job market in our industry. That was prompted because one person announced that he will (soon) be starting with a new company. Another announced that she was looking to hire someone. These discussion topics evolved once the ice was broken (or at least put into a cocktail glass) and followed a brief round of self-introductions. There were also some side discussions because some folks had common interests – one example being photography. Yes, I claim to be a photographer as well as an affiliate marketer. Chris and Kristi are also shutterbugs – with a good eye for capturing images. Quality images, of course, can be an important part of a website or a social media page. “The Internet is very much a visual medium.”

A primary goal of a meetup such as this one is to foster conversation and networking. We accomplish that – always. As usual, we had a good representation of the industry contributing to the conversation at this meetup.

Many thanks to Chris, Larry, Kristen, Kris, Egbert, Amy, Rob, Kristi and Bill (me) – for an informational and rewarding evening. Amazing things can happen when people from all segments of our industry get together and discuss ideas. Even though this was not a large gathering there was talent and experience in abundance – from the realms of networks, technology solutions, manufacturing, education, affiliate management, outsourced program management, performance marketing, website development, and (can’t possibly name them all). Some of those in attendance have presented at major conferences and have had articles published in trade journals.

Want to get involved? The Affiliate Marketing Baltimore Meetup gathers on the last Tuesday of the month at Wiley Gunter’s on Fort Avenue in South Baltimore. Amy posts the event on Facebook in advance of each meeting. We gather at 6:00 for libations then head to a private second floor space for the meeting. (Psssttt…the Bar Grub at W/G is very good.)