Affiliate Marketing Baltimore Meetup Tuesday April 29, 2014

A great group of Affiliate Marketers made it to Wiley Gunter’s on Tuesday evening. I met a couple of new folks who seem to be “naturals” at being a part of the group. There are no “outsiders” and no “cliques” among Baltimore Affiliate Marketers – ever.Wiley Gunter's in South Baltimore

Because of the weather acting more like rainy/stormy January than the end of April we had a slightly smaller than normal group. But we did have several folks (one remotely) for dinner, drinks and conversation. This was a Meetup without a defined topic (as some of them are) but had great discussion and sharing.

The primary goal is always conversation and networking – and that worked. Niche marketing ideas seemed to be a hot topic (because niche marketing works). There were also questions, along with answers and suggestions, about AdSense (which also works) and some comments about the old Affiliate Marketing forum, ABestWeb (which, sadly, no longer works very well).

We actually had affiliate marketers representing three states. Who was there from the Baltimore area? Robert, Angela, Rob, Kristen, Amy, Kim. Then we had me, from Delaware, and Wade checking in (via Amy) from Florida.