Affiliate Marketing Baltimore Meetup Tuesday May 27, 2014

For the second month in a row I managed to get to Baltimore to meet up with several Affiliate Marketers at Wiley Gunter’s in South Baltimore. We had two “first-timers” in attendance who fit right in with the group.  Remember, if you’d like to attend, there are no “outsiders” and no “cliques” among Baltimore Affiliate Marketers – ever.Wiley Gunter's in South Baltimore

Even with the rain and possibility of severe storms in the area we had a dozen people gathered to meet, network, share and learn. Because of the date, being right after a major holiday, this was a Meetup without a defined topic, as some of them are. But discussion topics soon evolved once the ice was broken (or at least put into a highball glass) and a round brief self-introductions. A couple of questions were asked that led to quite a discussion about email marketing – tips, tools, techniques, evaluation, metrics, etc.

The primary goal is to foster conversation and networking – and that works – always. We had a surprising cross-section of the industry adding to the conversation at this particular meetup meetup. There were people there who worked at two networks, Performance Horizon and Affiliate Window. We also had an affiliate manager from a large sports apparel manufacturer, and three people from online education, There was also an email marketing firm, a Virtual Assistant Services representative, and a couple of affiliate marketers, each with a varying array of marketing websites, at the table.

Amazing things can happen when people from all segments of our industry get together and discuss ideas. There was talent and experience in abundance – from the realms of affiliate networks, technology solutions, manufacturing, education, affiliate management, outsourced program management, support services, performance marketing, website development, and (can’t possibly name them all). Several of those in attendance have presented at major conferences and have had articles published in trade journals. Many thanks to the likes of Robert, Bob, Rob, Kristen, Amy, Kim, Egbert, Larry, Lia, to name a few…for an informational and rewarding evening.

Want to get involved? The Affiliate Marketing Baltimore Meetup is on the last Tuesday of the month at Wiley Gunters on Fort Avenue in South Baltimore. Amy posts the event on Facebook in advance of each meeting. We gather at 6:00 for libations then head to a private second floor space for the meeting. (Psssttt…the Bar Grub at W/G is very good.)