Affiliate Marketing in a regulated niche?

A recent question asked on a popular affiliate marketing forum reminded me of concerns we originally had when developing a site with information about another highly regulated industry. The question was about monetizing a site that dealt with insurance and our site earns affiliate advertising revenue in the real estate niche, which is also highly regulated. The question and answers are available here: How do I get started in insurance affiliate marketing?

I do value the responses by JCrooks, an Affiliate Window Network Rep. I know that she knows about which she speaks. I added a response to that conversation but then pulled it – to put it here where it may be of more interest for our readers.

Here is what I replied on the matter to the question about monetizing an insurance- focused site.

  • We do something in a niche market for real estate, which is another insanely regulated market. On EVERY page I have a lengthy disclaimer that begins with: “* Disclaimer: Information in this Website is provided only as a courtesy and convenience to our readers and does not represent an endorsement of any organization listed herein.
  • On the site we sell some hotel reservations (people coming to town to shop real estate may need a place to stay) and do VERY well with PPC ads. We may also begin accepting ads from local realty sales agents/offices and vacation rental agents. However, I’m not too keen on the sales, invoicing and customer service aspects of dealing with local businesses.
  • Once you establish some serious traffic there are plenty of ways to monetize a website. Sometimes it takes a peek outside the box.

* We actually have more to the disclaimer than that. It goes into the source(s) of the site information and a reminder that a licensed professional should enlisted when making financial decisions. If you are interested, you can see what we have – at the bottom of every page – here: Ocean City, MD, Real Estate.