Analytics Out of the Box or with Custom Reports

For quite a while now I have been using Google Analytics “out of the box” and just looking at it for basic website metrics. However, there are many more capabilities included in the package and I recently began using the more advanced features, such as the custom reports.

Business ChecksOn our Business Checks .org site, which has a cart, I learned how to set up goals to track the path a visitor uses to get to the cart. That is quite insightful. The next step, on which I am still working, will hopefully provide a way to follow a visitor path on our main personal checks website, Girly, strictly an affiliate site, from where they land until they leave to go to one of our merchants.Personal Checks at Girly Checks

I occasionally open Analytics on a separate monitor while I’m working. It is interesting to watch someone’s progress through a site. I hope to be able to “capture” that in report format.

When I get that all figured out and determine it’s usefulness I’ll write up what I did, how I did it and for what it’s useful. That, however, will have to be in another post. Meanwhile, if you have the time and the inclination, you might consider digging into the more advanced workings of this useful – and FREE – tool.