Are purchased Facebook fans worthwhile?

Is there value in buying Facebook fans?

Of course not! We all know those “likes,” “followers” and/or “fans” are contrived – numbers built up by click-farms on a sub-continent somewhere or in some [so-called] third-world country. Certainly, they are not “clicks” by people who have a true interest in Liking your Facebook page!

But, let me ask another question. Do you ever go out to eat dinner and want to try a new restaurant? Would you choose a restaurant with an empty parking lot and very few people inside? Or, would you be more likely try a new place with only a few parking spots left and plenty of people inside? There is a “perceived” value to having a lot of customers.


The same might be said about the number of “Likes” shown at the top of your Facebook page. If I find your page and see you only have a hundred fans I might think, “Not much interest here.” But if I see 25,000+ fans I might think that your page has something to offer. Like it or not (pun intended) – I have perceived your page to have value and will likely “Like” it. 🙂

Will I remain a fan? That depends on what you have to offer.

All at once or drip feed?

Maybe both? Get a jump-start with a mass addition – then taper off to more of a “drip feed” – adding a few fans per day. While it may be contrived, the drip feed certainly “appears” more natural. That is not always the case, however. By advertising within the Facebook network itself you can add a large number of fans within a short period of time – it all depends on how much you want to spend.

Question? Are the fans obtained by advertising better than the fans obtained by “purchase?” Well, the jury is still out on that one. (We do know the “advertising” method is more expensive.)

I am about to embark on some A/B testing of purchased fans on a couple of less-important pages to see if we can produce a jump-start on attracting bona fide fans.

Here’s a place to try if you want to do a bit of experimenting on your own. I do not recommend them, or anyone else for that matter, because I do not yet have any experience. However, it is a place to start and , yes, it is an affiliate link. 🙂

Buy Facebook FansHappy hunting…or gathering…or accumulating…