Best and Cheap Hosting – HA

So, I was browsing posts at an Affiliate Marketing forum and came across the usual nonsense posted by a first time poster. This one, however, contains some “hidden advice” so I thought I would share (my take) on a response to the question.

Hosting Shack
Good & Cheap Hosting at the Hosting Shack.

The newbie posted, “I looking [sic] for the best and cheap ASP.Net hosting.” He went on to ask for advice on finding the fastest network with full backups and a good price. For a fleeting moment I thought about starting such a service and call it the “Hosting Shack.” There is a place available near my home. Commuting would be a breeze. 🙂

Realizing that “most” people realize you get what you pay for, I began to type a response. This is what I would have posted on the forum – but thought I would let a mod respond in the forum itself. Here is what I had typed:

I didn’t realize was still popular. Keep in mind that “best” and “cheap” do not work in the same sentence. If you are thinking about running a serious business on $5-a-month hosting you are not serious about running that business.

Typed and then deleted. So…is still popular? What do you think about getting “good and cheap” at the same time. Are YOU serious about your online business or do you cut corners on infrastructure?