Best and Cheap Hosting – HA

So, I was browsing posts at an Affiliate Marketing forum and came across the usual nonsense posted by a first time poster. This one, however, contains some “hidden advice” so I thought I would share (my take) on a response to the question.

Hosting Shack
Good & Cheap Hosting at the Hosting Shack.

The newbie posted, “I looking [sic] for the best and cheap ASP.Net hosting.” He went on to ask for advice on finding the fastest network with full backups and a good price. For a fleeting moment I thought about starting such a service and call it the “Hosting Shack.” There is a place available near my home. Commuting would be a breeze. 🙂

Realizing that “most” people realize you get what you pay for, I began to type a response. This is what I would have posted on the forum – but thought I would let a mod respond in the forum itself. Here is what I had typed:

I didn’t realize was still popular. Keep in mind that “best” and “cheap” do not work in the same sentence. If you are thinking about running a serious business on $5-a-month hosting you are not serious about running that business.

Typed and then deleted. So…is still popular? What do you think about getting “good and cheap” at the same time. Are YOU serious about your online business or do you cut corners on infrastructure?

Servint Hosting Survey

Following a recent tech support issue I have with one of my VPS accounts at, I received a request to complete a brief survey. I responded to each question with a positive response because the Servint tech support team is outstanding in the service they provide.

I concluded the survey with the following comment:

I’ll repeat an earlier statement: In a competitive environment, customer retention is of utmost importance. While the sales department may be effective in attracting new customers it is the tech support people that keep “us” on the books.

Never being one to put all the eggs in the same webhosting basket, we do use  as a second company from which to lease server space. Unfortunately, we just fired for lack of proactive and follow-up service during a server exploit by malicious hackers.

‘Nuff said about web hosting…

Another reason to LOVE Servint for our main websites has awesome servers and awesome service. We use them for web hosting for our more important web sites. Downtime is almost nil and maintenance windows are always scheduled during times of lowest traffic.

So earlier today I tried logging into one or our popular beach sites,, via CPanel and got an error message in my browser that the location could not be found. I tried Web Host Manager at the server level and that also did not work. What to do? I do NOT manage my own server(s) so I have a place to submit a trouble ticket – or in an “emergency” like an unresponsive website I can actually “call” for help. This was not a major problem so I created a trouble ticket – at 11:48 AM today. At 11:50 I had an email response that a recent CPanel upgrade caused this issue on some servers – and that the problem could easily be fixed. At 11:56 I received a message that it was done.  A total of eight minutes elapsed from my creation of a trouble ticket to resolution of the problem. Excellent.

I tested the entry into both CPanel and WHM and when I saw they both were back to normal I went to close the trouble ticket. On doing so I got a small window asking for comments. Here is what I said: “Problem was solved in a matter of minutes – literally. What better service can I ask? Servint Service Techs are rockstars.” Note, too, that this was NOT a priority issue. I could have marked the trouble ticket as being “Urgent” – but did not have need to do that.

Servint is NOT cheap – but I am not one to trust my income to $5 hosting plans. I see many (far too many) complaints about downtime and poor service – from people who “say” they treat their business like a business. heh

We have also been happy with HostGator for some of our sites. We lease a couple of webhost reseller plans there and have had no problems over the last five, or so, years. We do NOT resell hosting but use those plans for our own smaller sites with myriad targeted domains. We are also giving a year-long test to Superb Internet – but the jury’s still out. Domains are at Moniker, GoDaddy and eNom (mostly). However, there are only a few left at GoDaddy because their pricing is higher than at the other places we use.