A Perfect Gift for the Man Who Has Everything

If he has an appetite he will like these steaks.

chicago-steak-company-holiday-ad-300x250When a person gets to the point where gift decisions are tough – “consumables” are often a great choice. Tasty gifts are always appreciated.

This balanced collection of grilling treats makes the perfect gift for friends, family, or colleagues (or even yourself). The Chicago Steak Company starts with their complete trimmed and ‘Oh-So-Tender’ Filet Mignons. Then they added in Bold & Beefy, lean Sirloin Steaks that are packed with flavor. They also include marinated lemon chicken breasts which are a griller’s favorite and some juicy steak burgers for the final touch in this gift assortment – a Holiday Favorite.

If you are not yet familiar with the Chicago Steak Company, CLICK on through and see what they are all about. You may find your self drooling just a bit. Go check ’em out now.


Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs’ World Series Win

Big Savings for Big Fans at Fanatics.comWow, what a World Series!

Congratulations to both teams, the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs. The Tribe has nothing to be ashamed about – but there can only be one winner.

WTG, Cubbies, in what may go into the history books as one of the great World Series of all time! Just imagine – extra innings in the last game of a World Series by two teams with decades-long droughts and being won by a teams that hadn’t won in over a century. This is one to celebrate and remember. Buy your own commemorative shirt (and other gear) today.

Earn extra money with affiliate marketing

So you want to earn some extra money with affiliate marketing, eh?

That is a common theme or question from newbies to an affiliate marketing forum at which I used to seriously participate. While many believe that forum is dying the beginner questions, by newbie members, still appear on a fairly regular basis.

TWater on a ducks back.he moderators of the forum usually state that there is “plenty of information to be found here in the forum” and to simply “use the search function.”  YIKES! Here is a newbie to the online world and he is told to “search” without having a clue about what should be searched and no way to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. SMH (Shaking My Head, in “text-speak”)

So, what do you do?

Here’s an excellent guide, The Extra Money Answer, (FREE) that is from a person that I (and the moderators at that forum know very well). It is a bit of a read, but it is step-by-step and logical. It is also much better than a forum because 1) you don’t have to search for things and 2) it does not contain a lot of misleading posts with bad information.

Simply click: http://www.extramoneyanswer.com – by Shawn Collins, to get started (That is not an affiliate link – the website and the guide are all free. You can buy a Kindle version for a couple bucks if you like, but that is not necessary).

Shawn is co-founder of Affiliate Summit, the largest, longest running affiliate marketing conference in the world. (Yes, that is an affiliate link.) I have been to 10 of these over the years and found that Affiliate Summit is a wonderful experience that can really help a novice affiliate marketer gain a lot of traction in what is is they are doing.

You might also read this article I posted a while back about another great resource for Getting Started in Affiliate Marketinghttp://www.12pm.com/getting-started-in-affiliate-marketing-a-quick-start-guide.html. That was written by an industry friend, Geno Prussakov, who has many accolades of his own.

While it’s true that “The Extra Money Answer” has been around for nearly five years, the information still applies today. Back about that time I had published a seven-step guide in brief outline on the ABestWeb.com Affiliate Marketing Forum with the basics of getting started. It has now been well hidden because it was on a paid sub-forum we had but did not renew. (I need to find that short guide and resurrect it here.)