Dusk or civil dusk is the time at which the sun is 6 degrees below the horizon in the evening. At this time objects are distinguishable but there is no longer enough light to perform any outdoor activities.

Nautical dusk is the time at which the sun Continue reading “Dusk”


Dawn or civil dawn is the time at which the Sun is 6 degrees below the horizon in the morning. Civil dawn is defined as that time at which there is enough light for objects to be distiguishable and that outdoor activities Continue reading “Dawn”


Evening – between afternoon and night…

The evening refers to the period in which the daylight is decreasing, between the afternoon and night.

Late Evening Sky in Sussex County, DE
“X Marks the Spot” in Coastal Delaware, making a late afternoon sky more interesting than the sunset that followed.

Some flowers, like the evening primrose open their petals only during this time of the day.

The evening newspapers are newspapers that are printed late in order to include last-hour news and are usually available only after noon.

The Evening Star is a name for the planet of Venus, which can appears brilliantly on the western sky after sunset, being also the first star that can be seen.

Evening is also used euphemistically to refer to the latter part of a person’s life.

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