Content is Still King and…

Stating that “Content is King” still provokes argument if said aloud among a gathering of affiliate marketers. My premise is that Contnet is not only still “the king” but may be even more important than ever.

A recent post over at ABestWeb (ABW), an affiliate marketing forum, reminded me of an article for which I recently began gathering informtion. The poster, Rhia7, a person with much experience in performance marketing, responded in a thread about recent Google alogrithm updates by saying, “……Google has been a primary source for a long time now but people may be turning to other sources other than search to find information/products/entertainment/whatever……”

I started to respond in that thread but thought it more benficial to put those thoughts here (until I write the entire article). That response is:

Interesting premise that makes a lot of sense. I recently started assempbling info for an article much in the same vein. As an example, here are some stats from one of our older sites – not our most popular but, percentage-wise, one of our more profitable (hospitality vertical).

Of 12,000+ visitors for the first half of the month (from AWStats):

  • Direct address / Bookmark / Link in email… 61.9 %
  • Links from an Internet Search Engine… 34.5 %
  • Links from an external page (other web sites except search engines)… 3.4%
  1. – of the Search engines, Goog had twice the referrals as did BingHoo

In some markets we no longer depend solely on “Search” and are “supposing” that a large number of visitors return via bookmarks and/or are referred by “friends” because we have been offering something of “value” to our readers for a long time.

The article, if I ever get a chance to finish it, will focus on the need to provide “value” to readers and to NOT game the system. That is something I have been “preaching” for years – and dare I utter the phrase, “Content is King?” I have more supporting figures and examples…just…need…time… (…ah, but the beach beckons :))