Create your own meme images for enhanced social media engagement.

You should consider creating your own MEME images to enhance your social media engagement. Let me repeat: enhance YOUR engagement – not someone else’s.

May Day MEME
A simple sample do-it-yourself MEME image.

Sure it is easy to go to one of those “Create-a-Whatever” sites, choose an image, type a caption and grab your MEME. But – who get’s credit for that MEME? “Likes” and “Shares” usually refer back to “them” as the source – and you lose out on engagement. Also, can you be dead certain the image “they” provide is not infringing on a copyright – that could one day come back to bite you?

Is it easy to do-it-yourself? Sure. If you use any basic image manipulation software like (maybe) the built in stuff on your PC (Programs>Accessories>Paint) or a free online source, or something you’ve purchased, you should be good to go. I like PhotoShop Elements (and just recently upgraded from V2 to V12 – Yikes). It is inexpensive, is perfect for the digital photography art that I do and it comes with both the PC and Mac versions on the same CD.

Be creative. Use one of your own images (original and YOU own the copyright), add your own caption, save to your hard drive and then upload to either your blog or to your Facebook page.

Why bother? Easy answer: You want to manifest any engagement for YOU (your own blog or social media page) instead of for someone else. If you create something and you upload to your own place – anytime that is “Liked” or “Shared” the reference comes back to you.

You can also watermark your image with your name or Website URL. I do that because some folks like to right-click and “use” one of my images as their own.

Hey, give it a try. Have fun. And be sure to “like” and/or “share.” 🙂

Here’s another sample:

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