Spreading some Sedo.com Love – Domains for Sale

We are beginning to clean out our locker full of unused domains. All of these domains were purchased with the intent of developing them – absolutely – at least it was a grand idea at the time. 😉

Instead of letting them simply expire we have begun listing them on www.Sedo.com, a well-known domain marketplace. Sedo.com bills themselves as the “World’s Largest Domain Marketplace.”

This morning, for example, we had a fixed-price offer for a listed domain. The buyer made an escrow deposit, we were notified that the funds were in escrow, we pushed the domain into Sedo’s domain account (they have accounts at all the major registrars, such as www.eNom.com, www.Moniker.com, www.GoDaddy.com) and a credit memo had been generated – all in less than two hours. We get paid via ACH (for parking revenue and sales) so the funds will be in the business account on the next business day (or maybe two days).

We can earn “parking” revenue while a domain is listed for sale (if the DNS is set to Sedo’s nameservers), quick and safe transactions, and only a 10% commission charge for domains sold directly through Sedo. I think it’s a pretty good deal.

There is also an option that was also choose. That is to have Sedo market a domain through several of their partners (such as www.GoDaddy.com). That increases exposure by a large factor so the chance of attracting a buyer is better. The only caveat is that a sale through a “partner” incurs a higher (usually 15%) commission charge.

We are about to launch a small site listing our “listed” domains at www.VitalDomains.com. After all, a good domain is vital to the success of your business website. This may provide some additional exposure and give us a chance to do a bit of our own marketing. However, any sale will still be directed to go through Sedo – because their service is quick, safe and the commission is about the same as if we conduct the sale privately through an escrow service, such as www.Escrow.com.

Anyone else use Sedo?

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