Don’t blame the Big “G” for poor readership/visitors.

I’m getting tired of hearing people on “the forums” (like complain about algorithm changes killing their traffic. Of course the main search engines are in business to make a buck for themselves (or their stockholders) but they still need to provide relevant results to “their” readers’ searches – or they will lose those readers.

While perusing ABestWeb the other day I saw a thread stared buy a relative “newbie” with a poll about search engine attitudes (or something like that). He was, of course, jumped on for being a newbie and not knowing the “difficulties” that long-established affiliate marketers were facing because of the search engine (mostly Google) algorithm changes and how those changes have hurt their business models.

Here is what I started to respond on a recent post – but figured it may do more good here:

Originally Posted by Elwin
……if you as an affiliate marketer didn’t care so much about all the technical stuff to make the bucks, but instead completely only focused on the end users and their experiences of you, in other words, focused entirely on building relationships instead of making sales, than the changes by Google wouldn’t affect you that much, in fact, you should benefit.

Sounds about right to me…

If you really care about your readers and NOT the search engine(s) “algorithm” crap you can do all right – and on a consistent basis. Don’t be a copy-cat, don’t regurgitate a merchant datafeed – but provide something in which your readers may find interest. If you can do that you can earn some money.

Some people spend more time worrying about what Goog’s “Webmaster Tools” say than about what their readers like – and then wonder why they are “struggling” to earn a buck. Some folks have a million or more (datafeed-fed) pages on line and only make two grand a month – and then blame poor results on something/everything else…

Build something your readers like. Identify “that” by looking at basic web stats (provided free by most hosts) to see what pages are visited most frequently – and build more pages like those. Then you can do OK. You might not get rich – but you can do well.

‘Nuff said???

Remember, please, that traffic (visitors) provided by the search engine organic (natural, non-paid) results is FREE traffic. Something provided for FREE – should not be criticized – or “blamed” – when that traffic changes.