French Fries, Marketing and Facebook Engagement

What do French Fries have to do with Facebook engagement?

Here is a cute example to reinforce my short article about captioning Facebook cover (header) photos to increase engagement. ( Grow your social media page with captioned headers )

Today we attended an outdoor entertainment venue at a very popular springtime event in Ocean City, MD – SpringFest. Someone placed a cup of French Fries and a cup of lemonade on a picnic table next to where we were sitting. I shot a couple of quick pictures with the camera I usually carry with me – before she could sit down and begin eating the fries.

French Fries on the Boardwalk

When I downloaded today’s photos and saw the fries, I thought they might make an interesting cover for our Ocean City Facebook page. These particular French Fries are VERY popular among people visiting the OC Boardwalk. So I cropped the image to 851×315 pixels and added the caption: “Mmmm, Ocean City… Ready for Fries on the Boardwalk?

Note that the caption is a question. A question provokes more thought than just a plain caption would – sort of a “call to action.”

Results were good. There were six “Likes” in the first minute. At three hours there were over 200 “Likes” and 25 “Shares” – which are a measure of engagement. During those three hours nearly 2000 people saw the picture – AND – we gained six new Fans (followers or whatever you consider them) for this particular FB Page.

Do we sell French Fries? Of course not. What we do endeavor to “sell” is the excitement of being here at the beach. Thrasher’s French Fries are a part of many beach-goers’ excitement. Other sales of things we do offer, such as hotel reservations, beach picnic sets, beach-theme wall art and more, may then follow.

We believe that content remains king. The website which this Facebook Page supports is NOT primarily a sales site. We want to attract beach vacationers to our site to see and learn things about the area and all it has to offer. While they are visiting our website they may find some things they need. It works. 🙂