Google Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Adsense – #Adsense10

I opened the mailbox today to find a “Thank You” card from Google. They are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of their AdSense website monetization product. To quote:

“Ten years ago, something big happened on the web. All sorts of people, like you, with all sorts of interests, could starting making money from their websites – with Google AdSense.”

Google AdSence 10th Anniversary CardThe narrative in the card also reaffirms that they believe in the importance of content creators. Why? To paraphrase, because content creators provide the world with access to information, entertainment and different perspective on (just about) everything. The Google then went on to recognize us for being a member of the program “right from the beginning” and to thank us for ten years of participation and dedication.

It’s funny, but way back then, I was apprehensive about adding ads to our sites, especially where monetization was coming from online hotel bookings. I didn’t want to “dilute” the successful sales numbers we were achieving. But some A/B testing proved me wrong. I believe that back then – remember the “early days of the Internet were not all that long ago – the addition of the Google “brand” to our sites helped increase our credibility among visitors.

As far as value to our business, the AdSense product has provided a steady stream of supplemental income. We earned the minimum amount required for a payout in our first full month of implementation and have not missed a monthly payment since then. After a few months of “learning the ropes” of what ads to use and where to place them our earnings reached the four-figure level and have never dropped below. Sorry, but because of the Terms of Service I can’t share specific numbers.

Oh, yes, the TOS are quite specific and well enforced. You may read about people who have been denied this-or-that because of being dropped from AdSense – but in nearly all cases it is because they did “something” against the terms of service. If a large and successful company is providing a small business owner an opportunity to earn money without investing a lot of additional effort it is prudent to play by the rules.

In summary…if you have a website (or several sites) with unique and interesting content you may want to take a look at implementing AdSense on your site(s). It really is an easy addition and can reap a nice reward. #AdSense