Grow your social media page with captioned headers

Captioned headers, “Cover” pictures on Facebook, can help you grow your page by increasing engagement…

You do have a Facebook PAGE for your business, don’t you? Not your personal (wall) page being used for business – a distinct Page for business is something every business should have. It is free and it can send potential customers to your website.

The header image is a visitor’s first impression so you need to make it count. Take a look at the two images below. Which is more thought-provoking and more likely to make one actually look farther down your page.
beach cover picture with no captionThe beach is where I belong - cover pictureA while back, as a break from the nasty winter weather in the Mid-Atlantic, we tried the first photograph on on our main beach Facebook Page and got a few dozen Likes and a few Shares. Then we replaced it with another attractive cover image. Last weekend we put up the 2nd image, the one with the caption. It received 435 Likes, was Shared 135 times and (according to Facebook) was seen by 4,874 people in one weekend – from Saturday morning to Monday afternoon, less than 60 hours. Not bad – for FREE ADVERTISING!

The internet is a visual medium. I’m sure you’ve heard that said or read it – likely many times. But adding a few words can enhance the photograph or image quite a bit – it really can. It draws the viewer in and makes them think about the picture and how it may relate to them. In this specific example it certainly helped convey the message that the beach is where you belong. And while you are there looking at pictures on our website – go ahead and book your hotel room. Ka-ching$.

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