Happy Mothers Day graphic for Facebook

First, Happy Mothers’ Day to all the proud Mommas out there.

Mothers Day Graphic for Facebook

Second, the above graphic is another example of an image with a message on Facebook that gained considerable traction. We used that as a header (Cover Photo) on a few of our business pages for the Mothers Day weekend. It was “Liked’ by hundreds of people and “Shared” by several dozen. Remember – the more Likes and Shares the the Facebook algorithm “sees” the more the post will be shown to others.

On another note there is disagreement on the appropriate apostrophe punctuation for the name of this holiday. The creator of “The Day” (Anna Jarvis, who celebrated it for the first time in 1907) intended for it to be Mother’s Day. That, however signifies “The Day” belonging to just one mother. The s’ version, Mothers’ Day, signified a wish that “The Day” belongs to all (or several) mothers. On the other hand, a mother cannot own or possess any day, so some will argue that there should be no apostrophe – as in Mothers Day. Your choice – they all seem to be acceptable in common usage.