How many links are too many?

A nearly year-old thread over at ABestWeb was bumped with a couple of recent responses. I usually get a “kick” out of these because they are usually question by newbies – being answered by other newbies, many of whom have no idea or clue…

Anyway, the thread is “700 links too much?” Another “newbie” question about a “magic” way to submit to 700 directories. Usually I ignore these things but this thread acutally garnered responses by some astute affiliate marketers. It might be worth a read – if only to be reminded that there are no “short cuts” to developing a sound site/business.

My response would be (if I still gave real content to sites other than ours*):

Never, ever try to game the system. You may see short-term gains but will lose in the long run. A few of our sites have 700 +/- inbound links but they were acquired – NATURALLY – over many years. None were solicited or “link-exchanged.” Because of that some are of high quality “authority” sites (CBS, University of Maryland, State of Maryland, BWI Airport).

Provide something of interest and value to readers – and you will get those readers. You will “earn” inbound links and not need to artificially create them.

‘Nuff said.