Is CJ email a waste of time?

cj email imageA recent thread on a colleague’s OPM Facebook page prompted me to examine my own feelings about the internal mail system in the Commission Junction interface for affiliate members. Is it useful – or not?

The original question, posed by Greg Hoffman Consulting, was, “Do you ever read CJ email?”

My initial, smart-ass, response was, “… a rhetorical question, right?” 🙂

Amid other responses, mostly negative, about the usefulness of CJ’s internal email system, I also interjected…

Your email (from Greg Hoffman Consulting and/or GHC’ merchants) I will open but I get so much crap via CJ that I don’t open those emails unless the subject line is truly intriguing*.

CJ mail within the interface is easy (for me) to filter. I just don’t look at it. LOL

I bumped into that thread (again) this morning and thought I should take another look at the email directory in the CJ interface. Here is my response** after seeing what had accumulated over a one week period of time.

heh – Just saw this thread again and checked my CJ email…had 25 new messages. 23 from “Client Services” with pending offers (none were related to what we do so they certainly were not opened). One was a “Sorry, application not approved” – from a merchant to whom we did NOT apply. The other was also a turn down – from a golf merchant (we have 2 golf sites going back to 2001 – that we had migrated over to AdSense years ago when the original merchant went south) – so we’ll leave them with AdSense (and the company declining our app and/or their competitors can continue to pay us “per click” 🙂 ).

*Seldom or unlikely. And that is a shame.
**I originally typed that into Facebook but decided it may “live longer” if I posted here.

In summary: Yes, for me/us the CJ internal email is basically a waste of time. But we are just a small operation – YMMV.

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