Niche Marketing on a Small Scale

People often ask me how they can  get started in affiliate marketing. Is it easy to do? Can you make a lot of money? Yes, it is easy to get started. Yes, you can make a lot of money. But, NO, it is not easy to make a lot of money. I should probably use the term “earn” rather than “make.” To earn something (to me, at least) means you have to “work” for it.

But I do have a (rather) easy way for person who wants to earn online – to get started. I call it my Seven-Step-Method. No, it’s not an eBook with a price ending in a “7” either. It’s too short for a book – in fact it won’t even fill a page…

Here’s a relatively easy way…to earn some cash…if you already have some internet capabilities (sites or blogs or photo sharing gallery or…):

1) Register a domain (with a keyword or two). 2) Install a WordPress site on a slice of your server space (the default theme will work fine). 3) Write some original narrative – like maybe three articles – with text links embedded. 4) Include some images – from your own files, from a free photo source (wikipedia, with Creative Commons licensing), or shoot some new ones. Then use proper SEO when you install them. 5) Describe the photos as they are related to your narrative 6) Toss some banner ads into the right-side nav area. 7) Provide a couple (only a couple) links from another of your sites.


That’s niche marketing on a small scale. One small site for one product-set. We see affiliates in our programs doing it all the time – and making consistent sales.

I suppose I should follow up with a bit more explanation for each of the seven steps. Stay tuned.

Note: This has been reposted from Bill Swartwout .com, which is being re-purposed as a personal photography site.