Niche Website Serves Up The Unique

Niche marketing is one way to online success.

I have always advocated building a niche website as a was for the small entrepreneur to compete with the “big guys.” Find something unique and do a better job than anyone else and you have an odds-on chance of being successful.

This Is So Epic LogoThis Is So Epic is an example of how to do it. I have known the creator of for a couple of years, having met through a local (Baltimore area) Affiliate Marketing Meetup Group. Egbert and I have talked strategy from time to time and, while he works in affilaite marketing for a large financial institution, he also had an interest in creating on online presence for himself. I saw the project “in the works” and now that it is “live” and happy to help Egbert show it off a bit.

This Is So Epic presents a variety of unique products. I have never seen a collection of items like this before – anywhere. So of the items are absurd (to me, anyway) and some are quite charming. There is one that I will be ordering as a gift for a family member. She say it and said, “That is fantastic. I want one.” So what is it? You’ll have to take a look at to see for yourself. Hint: it is the hamburger shirt – obviously for an extrovert.

I summary I would say that I wish Egbet Good Luck with his new venture. I do, however I doubt he will need luck. He has a very cool and unique marketing site in the works and he also has a great work ethic. and, you know how that saying goes… “The harder I work the luckier I seem to get.”