Another reason for the ineffectiveness of posts and threads

As if we “needed” one more reason, right?

merchants ineffective-postsToday there are many Affiliate Managers (AMs) and Outsourced Program Managers (OPMs) that create a social media page or buy space on a marketing forum  – and do nothing more than make promotional posts. They can tell their clients or their boss that they are providing additional (product/service) exposure as a value-add for the cost of their management services (invoices or wages).

But many (far too many) of them are NOT providing value to their clients and some may even be hurting their clients. I recently noticed a thread on a forum where one astute affiliate complained about the preponderance of promotional posts with no other “substance” being provided. It got me to thinking…and my off-the-cuff response is:

Just as many people have become “banner blind” on websites (totally ignoring banners), affiliates browsing forums or F/B pages have become “post blind.” Huh?

In a never-ending quest to keep abreast of new trends in our business I peruse forums and social media as a part of my work-day activities. I have gotten to know the merchants/AMs/OPMs who do nothing more than post promos – and have ZERO ENGAGEMENT in their posts and threads.

As a result of never seeing anything unique I never click on their posts. In fact I am beginning to “judge” the merit of those merchants of firms – because – they don’t even attempt to engage anyone. If they are not performing a value-add service to themselves or their clients why should I think they will be any good for me. As a result I no longer care to work with them.

But that’s just me; and it really makes no difference to those merchants, AMs or OPMs what I think or do. After all, I’m just one small publisher. What can matter, however, is if there are others who realize the ineffectiveness of what those people are doing – or NOT doing. 🙁

So, is it just me?

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  1. Nope, is not just you at all. I can’t speak for others but I definitely agree with you. Like you I’m a small publisher (actually a really teeny, teeny one) and know what I think makes no difference to them either. What does matter though I think regardless if small or a huge publisher everyone would like to think their thoughts would matter at least a little bit.

    I won’t name names but I don’t really understand why those ams or opms really bother having a forum when they don’t try to engage any of the members. Am sure it does serve a little bit of a purpose, members of the forum do get to see their promotions where they may miss them if just in a newsletter but as you said I have my doubts about how effective it is. Their newsletters I’m guessing aren’t read with any sort of enthusiasm either since for the most part they’re the same as the posts.

    For the most part I can’t really choose who to work with as much as I’d like and some of those ams and opms I’ve worked with for years. What I can say has happened at least in regards to me is I do no longer care to work with them. As I said, I don’t always have a choice but when I do I now have others I consider where in the past I may not have done that.

    As I said in the beginning, I can’t speak for others but don’t think we’re alone in our thoughts. Even though we may be small, if there are enough of us who do feel this way that may not be such a small matter to them

    1. Thank you, Kathy. It is good to know I am not the only one aware of the ineffectiveness of many (far too many) AMs and OPMs. It is also interesting that you are developing the same (keep away from those places) attitude as am I.

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