Pandora Charms Make Great Gifts

A gift the woman who has everything?

You do know that she never has enough jewelry, right? If she has a Pandora Charm Bracelet, and it seems that most women do, she will always appreciate an addition to that bracelet. These bracelets and charms can ordered directly from or from many online stores such as or even boutique websites can help you find that perfect gift.

Need a Christmas Pandora Charm idea? I’m thinking about getting a cute Pandora Christmas Puppy Charm as a gift for the better half. Here’s a description I saw:  “Spoil someone special with a bundle of puppy joy under the Christmas Tree. For the dog lover in everyone, this adorable puppy charm captures the spirit of your furry best friend.” Sounds good to me.

But, uh oh, what if you get the “wrong charm” or a duplicate of what she already has? No problem. She can exchange it for whatever her jewelry-loving heart desires. And you still come out a winner.

The more you post on Facebook the more money you earn…

The more you post on Facebook the more money you earn…for the stockholders of Facebook.

How would you like to earn a small piece of that monetary pie? (Well, with Facebook it’s more like a monetary feast.)

Black Crowned NighthawkThe Internet today is driven by content – articles, blurbs, pictures, stories, jokes, memes, etc. It is a way to keep in touch with people, friends and family. If all you use FB for is to share family messages, then this is not directed at you. But many people post a ton of information on FB, a lot of quality photographs, good stores, news, anecdotes and more. All of that helps FB earn the big bucks.

If is is driven by content it is monetized by ads, clicks and sales. Every time someone reads what you post they also see an advertisement of some sort somewhere on that Facebook page. Some of those people actually click on those ads to see what is being offered in more detail. And that’s where the FB stockholders earn their dividends – in the billions of dollars. If people were reading your content on your own website or blog then you could be serving up some of those ads and earning a small amount for every “click.” Or, if you become more involved and add affiliate links or ads, you can earn a commission on any sale that might be made. Will it make you rich? Certainly not, but over time it can provide a small and steady part-time income.

So, like many of you, I need to wean myself away from posting on Facebook and post more here and/or on my photography blog at, depending on the subject matter, of course.

So, what about people that don’t know to come here or to to see what I am posting, writing or sharing. How will my facebook friends and/or fans know I have something new? That’s easy to answer. Simply put a small excerpt “teaser” on your Facebook page and include a link to the full article or post. That way, if someone is really interested in something you, or I, have to say or share they can follow the link to read, as Paul Harvey used to say, “The rest of the story.”


What To Do With Your New Domain Find

Vital DomainsWhile perusing some posts this morning I saw a question by someone who claimed to have a great “find” on a cheap domain name. He said he got it for only 99-cents. That, in itself, is a good price – considering that regular pricing for domains is in the neighborhood of 10 dollars. That may vary a bit among registrars like, or or the myriad others “out there*.”  However, the post/question was not about the original cost but about whether he should develop it or try to flip it for a profit. He mentioned reselling it because he believes it to be a “brandable” domain. It is unique, short, easy to remember and should fetch a good price (yeah, right) and asked where he might go to sell it.

My response would be, had I chosen to post a response on that forum, would be something akin to this…

You can post it on or you can make a one-page site advertising it for sale and put an “button” on the page. Either way may lead to a sale – but it will take some work on your part to convince a potential buyer that the domain can be brandable.

Another option might be a website called “Flippa,” which bills itself as “The #1 place to buy and sell websites, domains and mobile apps.” I have never used Flippa but I have had good success, both buying and selling through Sedo and With Flippa I am apprehensive about their tag line which asks if the reader wants to earn “passive income***.” That always scares me a bit – because passive income always takes a lot more work than (most) people want you to believe.

It is a cute domain but will take a lot of time and effort to actually created a brand around it. As is, it is worth about what you paid for it. With proper marketing you may see a couple hundred bucks but, again, that will take some effort on your part – unless you get lucky*, that is.


I now steer clear of Network Solutions, however, because I have not had a good experience with them. I’ve been having problems transferring a domain from there to put it with my registrar of choice,

**I have found over the years that the harder you work the more luck you will find. 

***Yes, I do earn some nice passive income in my semi-retirement. However, I find I need to work (at least) two full days a week to maintain it.