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I suppose this should begin with the usual “Hello World!” greeting that a new WordPress installation shows as the first post. This is a “Hello” venture along with the re-purposing of some existing activities.

Noon or Midnight
Noon or Midnight? Think, perspective.

Hi Noon is a term often given to the time of day recognized as 12PM. At least it is for those not confused by the AM and PM designators. Conventional wisdom designates the 12PM time as Noon and the 12AM time as Midnight. Technically, neither are absolutely correct – because Noon is when the sun is at it’s zenith, the highest point of its travel in the sky as the earth rotates beneath. It is exactly at the “Meridian.” So there is really no Post Meridian or Anti-Meridian at this designated instant in time.

So, what’s all that got to do with Performance Marketing? There is no “instance” in time when Performance Marketing is as it’s zenith – it occurs ALL the time (morning, noon and night), and in all parts of the world. 12PM happens 24 times each day as dawn appears to chase the night during the sun’s relentless circling of planet Earth. Performance Marketing is fluid, dynamic and ever-evolving. What worked well at yesterday’s zenith may not work today and may, or may not, work tomorrow. Only time will tell. 🙂