SellFire? Someone asked about SellFire…

We’ve tried SellFire – and it has some cool features but, for some reason, I never quite “got it.” I gave them a try but I recently cancelled our subscription. While there are several datafeed aggregators “out there” we are still relying on GoldenCAN and PopShops for our 3rd-party aggregator needs. While both may have some issues they have (over all) been good, consistent performers for us.

Why not add another? I suppose one analogy might be “as comfortable as an old pair of shoes.” If those old shoes are quality shoes they will probably work and “look good” for a considerable time. Sure, another shoe might work just as well and be a bit more shiny – but where does it fit? Just as I’ve only got two feet, I only have so many sites and places to integrate a data feed.

In addition, we do not use third-party data aggregators on all our sites. For some larger sites we actually build a custom datafeed for our needs. That feed is implemented by our own PHP/MySQL code. 🙂