Short -n- Sweet Attracts Social Media Attention…

…as long as it is relevant!

Usually I advocate the use of imagery because (IMHO) the Internet, especially Facebook, is a visual medium. However, one liners – that MAKE A POINT – and don’t require much reading – also work well in Social Media.

By “work well” I mean they attract a lot of “Likes” and some “Shares.” Facebook rewards posts that garner an abundance of likes by showing that post to more people. And that’s what you want – more people seeing what you have to say (post).

Here’s an example: Today is the Summer Solstice, the first day of summer, which officially arrived at 6:51 AM ET today, June 21, 2014. So on our Facebook “Beach” Page I posted:

“Yup, Summer has officially arrived. That is all…”

I posted that at (you guessed it) 6:51 AM. That short -n- sweet post received 105 Likes within two hours and 15 minutes (I just checked). Not bad – for a one-liner. Not bad at all.  🙂