The more you post on Facebook the more money you earn…

The more you post on Facebook the more money you earn…for the stockholders of Facebook.

How would you like to earn a small piece of that monetary pie? (Well, with Facebook it’s more like a monetary feast.)

Black Crowned NighthawkThe Internet today is driven by content – articles, blurbs, pictures, stories, jokes, memes, etc. It is a way to keep in touch with people, friends and family. If all you use FB for is to share family messages, then this is not directed at you. But many people post a ton of information on FB, a lot of quality photographs, good stores, news, anecdotes and more. All of that helps FB earn the big bucks.

If is is driven by content it is monetized by ads, clicks and sales. Every time someone reads what you post they also see an advertisement of some sort somewhere on that Facebook page. Some of those people actually click on those ads to see what is being offered in more detail. And that’s where the FB stockholders earn their dividends – in the billions of dollars. If people were reading your content on your own website or blog then you could be serving up some of those ads and earning a small amount for every “click.” Or, if you become more involved and add affiliate links or ads, you can earn a commission on any sale that might be made. Will it make you rich? Certainly not, but over time it can provide a small and steady part-time income.

So, like many of you, I need to wean myself away from posting on Facebook and post more here and/or on my photography blog at, depending on the subject matter, of course.

So, what about people that don’t know to come here or to to see what I am posting, writing or sharing. How will my facebook friends and/or fans know I have something new? That’s easy to answer. Simply put a small excerpt “teaser” on your Facebook page and include a link to the full article or post. That way, if someone is really interested in something you, or I, have to say or share they can follow the link to read, as Paul Harvey used to say, “The rest of the story.”