Stop sending coupon offers, deals and flash sales – unless…

Attention Merchants and AMs: Sending me those Short-term Coupon Offers, Deals and Flash Sales announcements are a total waste of time. They are useless to me…unless you can help me post them, that is.

Waster doupon and deal offers

This is meant as a heads-up to Merchants, Affiliate Managers (AMs) and Outsourced Program Managers (OPMs): There is a way you can help – and not just me, but any affiliate who is stretched thin. I have been basically a one-man shop for many years and, while I earn a good living in affiliate marketing, I have far too many sites to make continuous changes – especially short-term changes required by short-term offers.

Here’s an example form one merchant’s Terms of Service (TOS): “Coupons and deals must be removed immediately after they expire.” I simply do not have time to make sure I can do that – so, again, I must ignore any “sales” or “deals” from that merchant.

When you send me (collectively, small publishers without staff) those short term “deals” – that need to be posted today and removed in the very near future – they are wasted. I completely ignore them out of necessity. Worse yet, I will eventually become “immune” to any announcements from YOU.

But there is a way to help me (and others) to show your “Special Offer” to my/our readers. It may even get me/us to focus more on promoting what it is you have to offer.

The solution is actually easy. You can create an “evergreen” set of banners that you update whenever you have a sale. For example in ShareASale (where is it super easy) you can:

  • Make a set of banners/creatives – at a minimum, one each of 160×600, 468×60 and 300×250 – that you designate as “changeable” SALE/SpecialOffer creatives.
  • Let me (and all affiliates) know that you will change the creative and landing page automatically for each sale. If there is no current sale it will be a “normal” creative for your product(s).
  • When the “time is right” – YOU upload a replacement creative (banner) announcing the sale and adjust the Landing Page to reflect whatever the sale is.

Then all you have to do is watch

  • Yes, watch me put one of those banners where everyone can see it.

Caution: This is not for the lazy merchant, AM or OPM. Only those who actually care about improving response to Sales and Special Offers and Short Term Deals need act on this idea.

Of course, if I am the only publisher with time constraints, simply ignore this rant.
Am I the only one?