The Penguin Turns Three Years Old

April 24th, 2012 saw the birth of “The Penguin.”

A colleague just posted on Facebook that today (4/24/15) is the third anniversary of Google’s “Penguin” Algorithm update. That update began to change the scope of search results – weeding out poor quality and/or redundant sites – to make the results better for people looking for content on the internet. It was meant to level the playing field among people and companies marketing on the Internet.Penguin Udate

Many affiliate marketers complained because “Penguin” negatively affected traffic to their websites. But maybe there were problems with their websites – such as poor content, copied content, a rehash of products offered by an actual merchant in hopes of gaining affiliate commissions, or whatever.  Overall it was a good thing – good for the consumer/end user – and good for us. It was good for us because we never tried to duplicate someone else’s efforts and our websites offer unique content and/or merchants’ products with an “added value” component.

The next major step will be to clean up the myriad ads that blur the real content/results whenever someone searches. Some people/merchants are “cheating” by masquerading and duplicating sites from the same company – to get around the Search Engine Terms of Service which (supposedly) allow only one company per search result. For true variety and relevance to the end user that needs to be enforced. I believe it will – eventually. Google and Bing/Yahoo need to produce truly relevant results for the public or they will lose market share to “other” entities. Can anyone say “Facebook search?”