Thinking about starting business after years of working for others…

I just received an inquiry about the possible purchase a domain that I own (developed and producing well). I answered, “Sorry, not for sale.” However, because a part of what the email contained I shared a short piece of advice. I thought I should also share it here because it is something short, to the point, and has been told many times over the years.

In part, I keyed on this statement:

My wife and I are thinking about starting our own business after 40 years of working for others.

Here is my (sage, or not) response:

I did the same thing a while back. I gave up the “day job” several years ago to exclusively work online.  It really can be done – but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. The best advice I can share is to begin by marketing something about which are personally passionate. A second bit of advice is to NOT listen to the “gurus” promising a 4-hour work week (or whatever get-rich-easy plan they are pitching). There is no magic bullet – and the folks selling their “secrets” are making money by convincing the gullible to part with theirs.  Best of luck.