Third time’s a charm with Facebook Advertising – NOT

The other day we “promoted” a couple of Facebook posts promoting 20% off business checks and related products at our popular website store. Those posts were shown to over 6,000 people in a 24 hour period.

The result? Well – all of five (5) people clicked through to the site and, while we did have some nice sales that day, not one sale was from those meager Facebook results. Looks like we’ll just keep to the “social” aspect of Facebook and screw the paid promotion part. heh

That 20% discount code put our product pricing below (just about) any of the competition – even when they have coupon offers. The business checks site converts well, at close to 10% – so if we had had 10 visitors from that Facebook promotion we “should have had” one sale. But we had tried similar advertising twice before and had the same results. Nothing! So that’s what we’ll do with Facebook advertising moving forward – nothing.