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Watches Should Be a “Natural” at 12 PM.

I’ve been thinking about actually repurposing as an actual product site, with watches (timepieces) being one of the possible niche subjects. It could also become a portal for my own art photography (images involving the sun) and/or it could become a general shopping portal. I have always been a believer that “niche marketing” is the way for a small business to compete with the big guys.

FREE Shipping within the US on EVERY Watch! DiscountWatchStore.comBecause of the domain name, for High Noon Performance Marketing, this site receives a lot of visitors looking for information about times of the day, with Noon and Midnight being the most popular search terms that bring people here. Of course that leads to thoughts about watches, clocks and various types of timepieces.

However, personally I do not wear a watch. I believe many people do not wear a watch any longer because every cell phone has “time” built in – and with many more features than your “normal” watch. But there are also a vast number of people who wear watches, whether they are to keep time close at hand (yes, pun intended) or as a jewelry statement.

So we will offer timepieces here – see the link in the menu at the top of the page (underneath the header photo). Or you can look at Discount Watch Store, a merchant with whom we’ve had an affiliate relationship for years. DWS offers a huge selection of watches and timepieces at great price points. CLICK HERE to browse their store. Or visit our TIMEPIECES page to see more.