Time to Refocus

What? Bill is Retiring? Well, sort of…

Now that Mrs. Beachy has retired after 38 years of teaching, Bill has decided to take more time to enjoy doing what they both love to do together. Traveling and enjoying life at the beach is that goal.

So, does that mean Bill, too, is retiring? Not totally. But after a dozen years he is backing off a bit and will now concentrate on the basics of where he started in this unique performance marketing business. He originally (1999) built and promoted niche travel/destination sites and, later on, diversified (2002-07) with a series of small, niche affiliate marketing sites pitching a variety of products.

Hotel reservation sales were, and continue to be, the mainstay. Checks, however, with Jill’s help, became the leading niche retail product, which led to the development of the GirlyChecks.com Affiliate Program. Now that Jill has become the full-time Affiliate Manager of all the Checks Programs in the Carousel Family, Bill has retired from that avenue. Jill has been doing an outstanding job and it is time for her to carry on and take the solo lead for what she helped to create. Bill is no longer an affiliate manager for GirlyChecks.com and BusinessChecks.org. That decision was made immediately following Affiliate Summit East in NYC in mid August, 2011.

So, what will Bill be doing so he can keep his cool toys in action? He will continue to add content to his favorite travel sites (providing an excellent excuse to travel) and return to developing the myriad niche product domains he acquired over the years into a variety of mini-sites with a focus on niche product marketing. As a “semi-retired” entrepreneur, Bill will also begin sharing one of his passions, outdoor photography, by manufacturing and marketing a line of checks incorporating his own photographs into the product offerings. (Site URL – TBA)