To Whet the Visitor’s Appetite

As easy as water rolling off a duck’s back, right? Oops, “whet” is a synonym for “wet” that has nothing to do with water.

When people learn that I have been involved with Affiliate Marketing for the last 16+ years they think I sell things online. But I don’t do that; it is a common misconception about the Affiliate Marketing, or Performance Marketing, Industry.

I do not sell products on my affiliate marketing sites, instead I send my visitors to a “merchant website” where they can make a purchase. The main goal of what I do is to get the visitor in a “buying” frame of mind.

For a more detailed explanation of what an affiliate marketer does you should read this article recently posted by a long-time colleague…

Affiliate Marketing: The Fine Art of Pre-Selling

Thank you, Colin, for sharing your experience in the industry.

Water on a ducks back.

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