What is a Super Affiliate and does anybody really care?

There was a recent post/thread at the affiliate marketing forum that had once been the “standard” of the industry – about what turns a “super affiliate” away from a merchant. The person asking the question listed three factors such as Earnings per Click (EPC), Cookie duration, Competitors Commission rates and “accessibility” of the Affiliate manager (AM).

I still look through the forum on a regular basis but, even though I have nearly 6,000 posts over the last seven years, I seldom post there any more. My first thought was that “yes, he does need some guidance” if those are the only items he lists. I would be thinking more along the lines of Commission, Conversion rates of the merchant site and whether or not there is a datafeed available to affiliates and if that feed is any good (so many are nearly worthless). EPC would be of interest to me – but it woud be “my” earnings per click – not the overall program numbers. Those EPC numbers can be manipulated.

So – I went back to look at responses a few hours later and see only one. The response simply asked the OP what “he” considered a “super affiliate” to be.

So, just what is a Super Affiliate. Some people put dollar figures on that definition. I don’t know what the OP (origial poster) thinks but I consider a super affiliate to be a person who earns his/her living from affilaite marketing activities.

Actually there are very few “super affiliates” who particpate, or even visit, that forum any longer. I know several supre affs who had been active members. They were active when I first joined and actaully shared a lot of valuable information with me. I have met most of them at affialite conferences in all parts of the country and have some of them as long-term friends. But all of those folks are long gone – gone from the forum scene, that is – not gone from affiliate marketing. Heh – there used to be mods at that forum who “might be” considered super affs – but they all left a little over a year ago. Current mods seem to hide behind monikers/handles which gives them anonymity. Why? Don’t know. But I doubt that any of them actually earn their living from affiliate marketing. heh – one of them even has his affilite sites on a “Blogger” platform – doesn’t even control his own infrastructure.

Sooo…Competitors Commission Rates? Yes, that is of concern. Managers/merchants, take a look at your rates and see how they compare.

EPC – some affiliates send a LOT of visitors but do not effectively pre-sell the product or service – which drives the EPC down. Does that matter? It shouldn’t – because some of those clicks do convert to sales. There are the uninformed, however, who put too much faith in those EPC numbers as an indicator of how well they will do with the visitors they send to that merchant’s site. Do a good job of pre-selling the product or service and your own EPC will be much higher. What I look for is that the EPC is NOT zero. I do want to see sales. I also want to see some metrics that indicate what the merchant site conversion numbers are. That is not always possible – and, if not, I will not put a full effort into promoting that merchant – until I see some results form the traffic I send.

Accessibility of the Affiliate Manager? Yes, I should be able to get an answer to a question within a reasonable amount of time. Oh yes, email is the best method. Please do not call me… (If your name is not in my phone addy book I will likely NOT answer your call. Leave a message.)