What is the main incentive that appeals to affiliates?

“What is the main incentive that appeals to affiliates?” I saw a question similar to this on a recent (affiliate marketing wannabe) forum post. But it was a serious question – albeit posted by an ESL poster. There is an easy (on the surface) answer for a question such as this – Money. In fact, there was a response similar to: “Money. Long green. Cash. Moolah. Dough. Benjamins. Jack. Wad. Bucks. Ducats. Pesos. Dineros.” (Yes, that was me. <hanging head in shame> as he slowly shakes his head back and forth.)

Yes, Money – is one important consideration. But there are other factors to consider -0ne of which I consider the “reputation factor.” Consider the network with which they are affiliated – or are they an independent (indie) program (and the inherent obstacles in going with that scenario).  What do their numbers look like – EPC, conversion ratio, reversals, average order value (AOV), etc. There are many factors involved, indeed. What are the products – are they a “need” or a “want” item? Need items are purchased – want items are dreamed about and sometimes purchased. Are they targeting women or children? Men are among the “least desirable” critters to market to online (unless, of course, the items are for the guy’s Jeep – heheh). Items needed by women and children are usually good sellers – or at least have the potential to be good sellers (unless the site on which they are being sold is crap).

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  1. Milan, from most of what I’ve read and heard (at conferences) I believe that, overall, women make 80% of online purchases. That represents a massive demographic for us to consider when forming our marketing plans.

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