What To Do With Your New Domain Find

Vital DomainsWhile perusing some posts this morning I saw a question by someone who claimed to have a great “find” on a cheap domain name. He said he got it for only 99-cents. That, in itself, is a good price – considering that regular pricing for domains is in the neighborhood of 10 dollars. That may vary a bit among registrars like GoDaddy.com, or NameCheap.com or the myriad others “out there*.”  However, the post/question was not about the original cost but about whether he should develop it or try to flip it for a profit. He mentioned reselling it because he believes it to be a “brandable” domain. It is unique, short, easy to remember and should fetch a good price (yeah, right) and asked where he might go to sell it.

My response would be, had I chosen to post a response on that forum, would be something akin to this…

You can post it on SEDO.com or you can make a one-page site advertising it for sale and put an Escrow.com “button” on the page. Either way may lead to a sale – but it will take some work on your part to convince a potential buyer that the domain can be brandable.

Another option might be a website called “Flippa,” which bills itself as “The #1 place to buy and sell websites, domains and mobile apps.” I have never used Flippa but I have had good success, both buying and selling through Sedo and Escrow.com. With Flippa I am apprehensive about their tag line which asks if the reader wants to earn “passive income***.” That always scares me a bit – because passive income always takes a lot more work than (most) people want you to believe.

It is a cute domain but will take a lot of time and effort to actually created a brand around it. As is, it is worth about what you paid for it. With proper marketing you may see a couple hundred bucks but, again, that will take some effort on your part – unless you get lucky*, that is.


I now steer clear of Network Solutions, however, because I have not had a good experience with them. I’ve been having problems transferring a domain from there to put it with my registrar of choice, eNom.com.

**I have found over the years that the harder you work the more luck you will find. 

***Yes, I do earn some nice passive income in my semi-retirement. However, I find I need to work (at least) two full days a week to maintain it.